Better by Candlelight

Christmas is coming
The lights are bright
The houses are starting to sparkle

The kids and I
and Grandpa, too
trek across town
to see a Christmas concert
expecting choral beauty
and serene joy

It is….



We leave with ears ringing
and heads spinning
wowed but not wondered
overwhelmed but a little empty

Right now
with my heart a little shaky
I need a gentler kind of joy

The sparkle of a star
the flicker of a candle
that quiet choral music
that seems to be
the breath of angels

In that quiet stable
with the smell of hay
and the donkey
steaming warm air
through his soft nose
I’m more at peace

Away from all the hullabaloo
I reach for that little baby’s hand
the one who is vulnerable
who shares my weakness
who will know tears
but never lose hope

Away from all the bright lights
I’m more ok
Right now
my heart sees better
by candlelight


3 thoughts on “Better by Candlelight

  1. Roberta Cottam

    You’re kids are going to grow up witnessing your writing shared with the world–that is so awesome! They’ll never know any different. To them, you will be mother and writer in one, no distinction between the two. As they home-school, they will create alongside you, share their voices alongside you. What a beautiful way to inspire them to confidently express themselves.


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