Recipe for a Happy Birthday

Start with cookies made by a sweet friend:


Add people you love:


And a living room dance party with kids:


Have your cake, and eat it, too:


Open sweet and thoughtful gifts from people who know you well:






Go say a little prayer to give thanks for the year:


And take the kids out for sushi:



Walk home by the light of the moon, under the watch of angels:


Thank you to all my beautiful family and friends who made such an effort to cheer me up on my special day. I really did enjoy it! Love you all!

12 thoughts on “Recipe for a Happy Birthday

      1. I have a friend who’s a NYE baby. It’s hard because everyone’s already HAVING a party, and it’s not about you! Next year, I’ll tell him the fireworks are for him!
        I always complain that my birthday’s too close to Christmas – but I think you have it worse!


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