Meals for Tajsha


Hello everyone,
This is a temporary page to help people sign up for bringing meals or snacks for our lovely friend Tajsha who is expecting her 7th child shortly, by c-section on January 8th. If you are hoping to bring her food, please leave the date you’d like to help out in the comment box and I’ll add you and let her know. This will save everyone lots of extra emails, and prevent any meal double ups. Better to spread out the helps bit instead of having two meals brought in one day. Thanks so much! Best drop off times are morning or late afternoon, closer to dinner. You can email me with any questions at

These days are already covered with meals for Tajsha:

Wednesday Jan 7th (Ceci Stocker)

(No meals needed from jan 8-14 as in Tajsha in hospital and kids at family)

Thursday, Jan 15th (Odi Choy)

Friday, Jan 16 (Sue Shives)

Saturday, Jan 17 (Anna Eastland)

Sunday, Jan 18th (Kirsten Kurnicki)

Monday, Jan 19th (Julia Dee)

Tuesday, Jan 20th (Trisha Vill)

Wednesday, Jan 21st (Brenda Buhat)

Friday, Jan 23rd (Frances Maddalozzo)

Sunday, January 25th (Anita Min)

Tuesday, Jan 27th (Ida Gazzola)

Thursday, Jan. 29th (Odi Choy)

Saturday, Jan 31st (Pathways Girl’s club)

Wed, Feb 4th (Melanie Dee)

Friday, Feb 6th (Odi Choy)

Here’s a note from her:

Thanks again for organizing meals for us this month;-) I know Nick and the kids will especially appreciate it too. Here are a few ideas. We have no serious food allergies.

Meal ideas – wraps, burritos, perogies, pot-stickers, spanakopita, rice dishes, asian noodles, pizza, potato dishes, caesar salad, tortellini with cheese or tomato sauce, vegetarian dishes, casseroles, soups

Snack Ideas for the kids – cheese, crackers, yogurt, fruit ( apples, bananas, oranges, grapes, pineapple, strawberries), raw veggies ( peppers, broccoli, carrots, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes), trail mix, granola bars

Thank you so much!


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