If It’s Only By Crying…


If it’s only by crying
that I can understand
the tears of others
then let me wear them like pearls

If it’s only by losing hope
that I can bring it to others
then let it fly away

If it’s only by breaking my heart
that it can become
big enough to hold everyone
break it

If it’s only by my desolation
that I can walk the valley of grief
with others
then strip me bare

Let my fragility bring others courage
my vulnerability, strength

And from my emptiness
let Your light burst forth
and shine

Lead us through the valley of grief
because if we walk it together
it will bring us Home


19 thoughts on “If It’s Only By Crying…

  1. Joseph

    Very beautiful, Anna! Your heart is certainly open to actually call for these challenges, seeing in them the impetus for spiritual growth.

    When one is going through hard times, it’s difficult to see how important those hard times really are. The hard times constantly urge us to grow and mature. I’m learning first-hand through the death of my mother how transformative, healing, and expanding pain can be as long as we don’t let it become suffering …


    1. Thank you, Joseph, for sharing these intimate and encouraging thoughts. Pain is indeed and occasion for stripping away what doesn’t matter and growing interiorly.
      Perhaps your mother can meet my little baby, Josephine, who also passed away recently in labour. I like to “introduce” her to different people in Heaven!
      Peace be with you,

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      1. Joseph

        I’m sorry to hear of your loss, Anna. Perhaps there is a greater plan at work. My wife always says that God doesn’t “give you more than you can handle” so He must see great strength in you. I hope you find (have found!) that strength and cling to it. My mother lived to take care of little ones, so I do hope they meet in Heaven.

        BTW, I grew up just West of Crazytown, so we’re practically neighbors. ;D

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  2. Roberta Cottam

    This week I have been present to surrender, and your words reminded me of exactly what surrender feels, looks, sounds and tastes like. And in the embrace of the Eternal Divine, it is where we are called to reside. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for answering your Soul’s calling, and putting your words in the world. You are an exceptionally gifted poet. Love.


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