Ash Wednesday Walk

I captured this moment on a rare early morning walk alone on Ash Wednesday. My luxurious excuse for alone time? A 35 week pregnancy blood test. Yup, living it up here.

But I must say, the peaceful morning bird song and the sight of their feathers illumined from below by early sunrise were a treat. Since my pace right now is best described as moseying, I tried to make the best of it by taking time to notice the beauty above the city streets.

Despite the barren lack of leaves in the trees, tiny signs of spring could also be found at my feet.

After another long pandemic winter, it’s nice to see hints of hope…warmer days coming, brighter days, and new things, like my baby, in about a month!

These brave crocuses in my garden even survived our recent snowfall! So while I feel pretty much ready to wave the white flag and give up—enough winter, enough covid, enough late pregnancy—I’ll try to be brave and keep looking up to find the sun, and looking forward to those precious newborn snuggles, and remembering the reason it will all be worth it come spring.

4 thoughts on “Ash Wednesday Walk


    Hello Anna…. WHAT a joy to hear that in a month you ll be MUM again (which means NEW DOOR TO HEAVEN🤗) I ll be praying for you and the baby Is it a boy or a girl (do we know?) Let me know as soon as baby see you🤗and you see the baby….. Take it easy….I know this is a bad advice with a month to go…..but you know what I mean Give a kiss to each one in the family In my prayers I never forget your intentions A bigger kiss for you Susana

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