36 1/2 Weeks and Counting…

It’s nearly 11pm. I’m sitting propped up in bed with tons of pillows behind me, and more under my legs to prop up my feet, slowly chewing a ginger candy to fight the heartburn that creeps up my throat and threatens to explode there when I lay down. The baby in my belly keeps stretching and fluttering, and having some kind of contest with himself about how far he can fit his little feet up under my ribs.

Who knew celery could be so wiggly and active?

I’m so sleepy but at least I’ve already had a nap when I fell asleep with our toddler this evening, so the exhaustion isn’t so desperate as it was at dinner, when I could barely keep my eyes open. The little bean, now more like the size of a bunch of celery, seems to think I should wake up at 4 or 5 am and stay that way till morning, so the days are feeling awfully long.

The littlest big sister to be, asleep in her nest of stuffies.

I have appreciated having the quiet time alone to read or listen to audiobooks, but the hours aren’t exactly ideal for someone required to keep functioning normally in the day time. So as exhausting as the first few weeks with a new baby can be, I’m looking forward to resting in bed and taking naps with the little one. At least a cuddly newborn is better company than heartburn deep in the night!

10 thoughts on “36 1/2 Weeks and Counting…

  1. Wave

    Full Snow Moon is coming on Saturday, keeps me up and Robin too, very bright, so you are not alone in the night, hope your heartburn settles soon. Your baby is excited to see you soon I think😁😘👶

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  2. susanaparrodi@gmail.com

    Hi Anna!

    Congrats!!!!! It is ALMOST OVER!!!! 😘 Be sure I ll be praying more for you this coming week Keep it up!!! I know ( even if I really don’t ) that is a crucial moment…. Our Lord and Our Lady plus Yours and the Guardian Angel of your baby and are taking care of you A super kiss with lots of prayers Susana Enviado desde mi iPhone

    El 26 feb 2021, a la(s) 1:16, Just East Of Crazy Land escribió:

    > >

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  3. funny – sorry it’s 12.09am and I have heartburn because I have given myself food poisoning – am staying close to the bathroom. I would rather have a bump of celery right now. there is some in the fridge but I can’t trust even it to remain in its rightful; home.

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