Auntie Reiko Makes Good Soup!

Today one of my closest, oldest friends came over to spend the day with me and the kids. There is something really special about spending time with someone who has stood by you through the years, ever since you were an awkward skinny teenager, and loved you all that time. She’s the kind of friend I can imagine having fun with when we’re both grey-haired and wrinkly, and still laughing our heads off.

Today, just because, she brought us homemade muffins and soup. They were both delicious, and the baby gave us quite the performance eating his soup. Typical of my children, he wanted to do it himself.


He he thought that Greek Red Lentil Soup was best as a full body experience.


It’s likely very good for the skin…


And good to the last drop!


Here’s the link to the recipe, which is originally from the Rebar cook book:

We blended it with a hand mixer to make it kid-friendly….no bits to pick out! But for the adults, the feta crumbled on top makes it truly delicious, and some bread to dip in and and wipe your plate with is a great way to get every last drop, too, without dumping it on your head!

4 thoughts on “Auntie Reiko Makes Good Soup!

    1. Thank you! It’s true…My friend Reiko was joking that after the baby’s gusto, her husband would have to do a lot to convince her he found the soup as delicious! The French onion soup on your blog sounds wonderful too, and you have great photos of each step.


    1. You’re right! Today he tried Greek yoghurt on his skin, and it is apparently even good for your hair, as he made sure to get it there, too. Maybe it’ll help him get some more! 😉 Perhaps he can run his own baby spa…”Little Messy Man’s Super Skin Solutions.”


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