Born of Hope

Sweet mother

pray for me

in this time

when more than ever

I need hope.

You know what it is 

to lose a child

without letting your hope be whipped away

by winds of despair.

You know what it is

to love again

to love still

to be courageous enough

to be vulnerable.

We are all

in a way

your rainbow babies.

Born of the sorrow of your heart

on losing Jesus.

Born of the intense burst of love

that broke out of your heart

that day at the foot of the cross


when beauty shone through your tears

like sunbeams pouring from a steely sky

making rainbows flicker

in the maternal tenderness

of your eyes.

Help me hope again!

Help me trust again!

May I be a courageous mother like you

brave enough to believe

I will soon hold my little boy

breathing this time


in my arms. 

10 thoughts on “Born of Hope

    1. Thank you so much! The kids are praying, too. It’s so cute to hear their little hopes for the baby…”Let him come out and play with us,” or “Let’s pray he will come out and snuggle me and suck on my finger,” said my 4 year old daughter! She knows what babies like!

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  1. Roberta Cottam

    I have no words, but through your poem, am filled with a sense of love and peace and acceptance. The Divine holds you and your little man, on the threshold of New Life. xo

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