Recipe For Laughter

Tonight my toddler came up with his own recipe. Impressive, right? 


“What a little chef!” exclaims Grandma over the internet. “Un petit gourmét!” coos a French food connoisseur who stumbled unwittingly into Crazy Land. 

But wait! Before your hearts swell with pride at the culinary prowress of my two year old, read what it is he made. A very simple recipe, with 4 steps:

1. Pick up baby bowl of fruit salad.

2. Dump into little bowl of alphagetties. 

3. Add a cup of berry punch. 

4. Laugh. Repeat in reverse order…ish. Laugh more. 

Of course his four big sisters loved the performance, which only aggravated the èncores….

Sigh….well, at least he likes to help with the dishes!

9 thoughts on “Recipe For Laughter

  1. Waverlea

    Chef Izzy found his happy place! He has watched so many tasty creations start at that counter…. Good he is paying attention! Reminds me of when I was little and would take a variety of ingredients out of the cupboard, mix and bake- the result was rock like so then my mum got me a cute little kids recipe book with simple ingredients. Those buns turned out pretty good! It is great has such a relaxed mum that appreciates his initiative!!

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